Ontology and Trust Issues Essay

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Imposters Imposters is a specific temporal biography describing the spiritual transcendence of Donald Miller. Although transcendence is a relative term dependent on the morals of the individual, Miller recites his experience in gaining exceptional knowledge about the existence of God through rational analyzing of certain events in his life that he claims to be deceiving misconceptions, thus the title Imposters. As he firmly states his views, he also leaves the interpretation of whether or not these misconceptions are connected, or even relevant, to the existence of God to the reader. Throughout the article, Miller explains his opinion on whether a relationship with a “simple” God is worth it. He concludes that a God who does not explain himself and “hides himself” is not a God but merely a waste of time and therefore, nonexistent. I personally think that Donald Miller has some issues. Although his points are valid and his medium correct, I think that he arrived to his conclusion on God’s existence through a manner of frustration. I am not sure if he was exaggerating about the trauma he gained from finding out the truth about Santa Clause, but it seems rather pathetic to have that as an influence on your faith life. And I feel like somewhere along the way, Miller acquired trust issues. I mean right off the bat he says, “Relationships aren’t the best, if you ask me”. If you ask me, only people with trust issues say that. I think that his whole life consisted of him trying to find how he felt about God into words. You know when you have all