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Open ID and Web Security
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1. Explain why OpenID offer users greater convenience and security than the current system

By using the current system, convenience and security are considered as problems, because the different sites have a different ID for the same user and also because most of this sites are not prepared to focus on security.
Getting to a web page using an Open ID,
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Open ID relies on the security that the Open ID provider's DNS would never fail. If your Open ID provider does not success and their domain drops, then somebody could take over that domain and access to any site at which you used that Open ID. Furthermore, if the user becomes its own identity provider, he needs to be sure that he will not be hacked and that he retains the control of the domain name.
4. Visit MyVidoop’s site and view its privacy policy. Does this policy satisfy you? What problems do you have with it, if any?
The privacy policy in MyVidoop is ambiguous and insufficient, they don’t assure you that your information will be safe from the hackers and from other risks. Moreover, their policy is very reduce and they store and transmit personal information to third parties as directed by users. But we don’t have the guarantee that they just do it like that, even though in most of the web sites the users are facing the same problem which is giving their personal information without knowing if they are going to use it in a correct way.
Also Vidoop collects unlimited demographic information such as zip codes, gender, IP addresses, internet service providers, referring vendors, and browser identification. These can be very dangerous if for example, a hacker obtains your personal information and tries to sell it