Operant Conditioning Essay

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Masha Garanovskaya

Learning Journal 2

PSY 215

Operant Conditioning
We as animals, learn through consequence. This science of learning behavior is called operant conditioning. We learn things through the process of repetition followed by consequence, whether it be positive or negative. Repetitive consequences may be considered punishments. But, the “punisher” might not be aware that that his/her so called “punishment” may be qualifying as a reward; therefore, the subject may repeat their action in order to receive their “punishment” again. Thus, increasing the frequency of the strength of the action is called the process of reinforcement. Some individuals varies with response in the process of scientific conditioning research. While most children will realize that their actions are inappropriate and should not be repeated after being spanked, some children who lack attention from their parents might repeat their actions due to the fact that the “punishment” provides that attention. Thus, converting punishment into reward. Operant conditioning is one of the most popular way of teaching; whether it be in children in school, training animals, trying to get someone out (or into) a habit, etc,.
While reading this chapter, and particularly this section (on operant conditioning), I started to think about how wrong we can be in trying to “teach” someone something, specifically children. We even teach through operant conditioning. If our parents forced…