Operas of Mozart Don Giovanni Essays

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Donna Anna, Donna Elvira & Zerlino
Mozart's Don Giovanni

The choice of the “Three women of Don Giovanni” can give a good understanding of the type of music which was used to create an opera in the 18th century Italy. The opera buffa was a comic opera with a funny story line and light music. Mozart wrote at different levels. In order to have full understanding of the women's roles, it is necessary to understand the social context of women in the 18 century. In Kristi Brown's Mozart's Women she compared Donna Anna to a misfortunate Spanish maiden. It was very common for composers to take the style of where they were living at the time and write in that genre of music. Donna Anna was daughter who was to be married. The role was
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He has a heart of stone (Donington 446) thus, he continues looking. He ran away from Donna Anna because he didn't get what he was looking for and her father challenged his pride. His killing was just his show of what a desperate soul he had. He goes to Donna Elvira second time where he pretends a certain affinity. Leporello is forced to act like Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira is deceived second time. Showing her superiority, her intelligence and desire to destroy him, he is more conniving and cruel towards her. He has had two women of social aristocracy. His last womanizing is with Zerlina, a tavern maiden who is supposed to be engaged. The circle is closed as the stone statue of a man, who can have no one, is invited to the party. A true story of Don Juan.

Mozart wrote for three different feminine roles in each of his operas. In Don Giovanni there are Donna Anna who sings seria, Zerlina who plays the buffa and Donna Elvira both seria and buffa. Each sings a special aria in this tone. In the first act scene one, Donna Anna sings with Octavio. The aria is sung in duet. The orchestra plays as an accompaniment when they are singing in recitivo, which is the classical style. This is where they are partly talking and singing. When they are singing as a duet the orchestra is playing.

Zerlina gets saved by Donna Elvira and Donna Anna. Women are strong and can stand on their own two feet. The opera shows the start of the