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Introduction Operations management is the process of administering business practices in order to achieve high levels of efficiency within an organization. It is basically centered around the concept of optimizing profits with the least resources available while at the same time ensuring production of high quality goods and services. Operations management involves the entire process of converting inputs and raw materials into outputs such as products and services. If an organization is to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in its operations then a proper operations management strategy will be a necessity. The process of managing operations in an organization effectively is challenging and often times filled with disappointments. It calls for a critical application of relevant business operations “best practices” to the management process (Mishra, 2009). The aim of this term paper is to critically evaluate the contemporary business operation management best practice of Six Sigma for process improvements. The term paper will also critically evaluate how the company is applying the “best practice” of training in its daily operations. The term paper will also analyze the extent of application of six sigma principles in the operation management activities at the organization.
Company background Kiewit Construction Company is considered as one of the largest construction companies in the world. The company was founded in 1884 by the Kiewit brothers and has its headquarters situated in Omaha, Nebraska United states. The company has been involved in various infrastructure projects in the United States. One of the notable projects the company undertook is the renovation of the Anton Anderson memorial tunnel in Whittier, Alaska. The renovation of the facility was a public- private collaboration between the Alaska department of transportation and public affairs (ADOT & PF), Kiewit Company and VMS Corporation (Rodengen et al, 2009).
Application of the best practice of training Training is an important component in ensuring that an organization employee is equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills required to perform challenging tasks. Various researches have pointed out to the importance of conducting training to enhance operations management in an organization. Training leads to employee development and eventually enhances creativity, innovation and specialization. This section will critically evaluate the application of the practice of employee training to increase profitability through improved productivity, low cost inventory, reliable and delivery schedules, and delivery of high quality products (Jones & Robinson, 2012). Training is an important function of operations management because it improves and enhances the operating efficiency within an organization. The construction industry has is dynamically changing due to the advances that are being experienced in the information and communication technology. Various complicated and sophisticated building technologies are being invented, and in order to attain efficiency in operations management, then, employees need to be trained on the new technologies (Swamidass, 2000). For example, technologies such as the EMS (energy management control systems), have the potential to undertake complicated and highly technical energy-efficient control systems. Such technologies are always underutilized and misused due to lack of training among the employees. When employee understands the logic behind such technologies, they can customize the technologies with regard to the various internal and external factors.

Training can be a blessing in disguise if the right mechanisms are not put in place. The human resource managers should ensure that, the relevant mechanisms are put in place to train employees in relevant area of specialization. The training program should be able to identify the specific skills needed by an employee and train the