Operation Magrathea: Life on a New Planet Essay

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Stay on the planet that is about to self-destruct or come with me to Magrathea? That is the question I am about to ask you.
I would like to start by introducing myself; my name is Dr. Alfred K Worble Dr.Sc. I am a world renowned doctor, scientist and inventor; I have earned my doctorate in Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. I spent ten years in Singapore studying Science and five years in Thailand, Asian countries are the best places to study science. I have invented many gadgets and everyday items, as well as major projects like the one I am here to talk about today. I am an advocate and public speaker for the project “Operation Magrathea.” It is a project of which I, and my fellow doctors and scientists have put together to save humanity and earth. Due to over population, diminishing resources and global warming, our planet is falling apart. Our planet is only going to last so long and life as we know it will be no more. Here are a few facts I would like you to consider; there are approximately eight billion people in the world today and there are an estimated four hundred thousand babies born every day. Per many scientific researchers; the average human eats thirty five tons of food in their life time, at this rate our planet will be destroyed in a very short time. We have experienced massive natural disasters due to climate change such as; increased number and severity of tropical storms, ice caps melting, diminished population and even extinction of wild animals, just to name a few. Due to over population and increased pollution our natural rain forests have gone through major destructive changes. The temperature has gone up which has made the humidity go down. The lush forest is drying up and the animals that depend on the humidity are dying. “A research group at the Natural History Museum of Denmark has discovered that over time our Earth’s oceans have lost about a quarter of its original mass.”
However, we have an epic and world changing solution, and the solution is we have discovered a new planet that is inhabitable! Yes, that’s right I said a new planet! Upon exploration of the solar system we have discovered this new planet called Magrathea. The solution will help our current planet because we will be taking millions if not billions of people to a new planet. Think of it as a dominoes effect, this will decrease pollution, factories and plants won’t have to produce so much food and goods. Less water will be used and no more building will be necessary, so no more trees will be cut and the natural areas will grow again all over the world. We can start to recycle everything the people won’t need any more to make the things they do need.
Magrathea is unlike anything you have ever read or seen before. Magrathea has untouched white sandy beaches, massive lush forests and valleys, jagged snow covered mountains, hot deserts, oceans and fresh water as far as the eye can see all within about thirty million square miles, which is about half the earth’s size. The wild life is abundant and the resources to survive are seemingly endless; all the water, food and oxygen you and your family could ever need. It is not inhabited by anyone so there is no worry for over population or climate change. We know how we managed to destroy the earth so this time we will be taking the correct measures to self-preserve Magrathea. Think of it as a blank slate and you and your family and friends get to start from the ground up building it however you