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1 The Organization and Its Operation Description
When we are travelling around and all we need is to use our electric devices comfortably such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in the hotel. However, for some reasons there is only one internet connection access and we could not get all our devices to the internet at the same time. Another situation is that if we want to work or study in other areas, or share the internet connection with other people for example colleagues, classmates or roommates, it is great and necessary to have a mini portable wireless router or a pocket router.

This report is focused on a fictitious organization named “Portable Router Incorporation”. PR Inc. mainly concentrates on the telecommunication area, especially the production, development and innovation of router devices. Production and design are taking place in the only site on Chatswood – Australia. The products of this company are acting like the normal router; they can spread the wireless signal and provide access to let several devices to get connected at once. The main different between normal routers and mini portable routers is that portable routers are much smaller and convenient to pack and carry around. The portable router can share an internet connection and 3G or 4G mobile broadband connection. Customers of PR Inc. are mainly focusing on the people who are hardly to get access to the internet, those who are travelling quite often and businessmen. In order to increase the market share, PR Inc. is trying to minimize the size and reducing the weight of the portable router and cooperate with TPG. Normal portable router is 3 inches square. The new portable router is designed and innovative to be 1 inch square by PR Inc. It is called “Mini Portable Wireless Router” (MPWR). It is not just newly designed to be much smaller and lighter, it is also equipped with a new technology which has the ability to improve the download and update speed of the internet. This is the unique feature of MPWR compared with other routers.

The producing operation of MPWR is described as following:
PR Inc. will monthly get orders from TPG (external customer) and TPG will also exchange market forecasting information with PR Inc. according to those information, PR Inc. will create and modify its planning system for materials and resources. In addition, it will set a weekly and monthly production schedules of the internal process for each area. The overview of the MPWR producing process of PR Inc. is referred as Figure 1:
Managing inventory
Blanking raw materials
Punching and folding
Playing rivets and hem
Surface treatment and riveting
Figure 1 - Overview of the MPWR producing process
Through the process of producing MPWR, 10 workers are required in serial producing because PR Inc. is equipped with high automatically technology. PR Inc. will order its resources from its suppliers according to the information of orders and forecasting from TPG. The final 1000 products will be transported to TPG.

2 Operations Designing
De Bono’s Six Hats Thinking Model
White hat:
People are able and willing to own more than one or two electronic devices.
Currently the technology enables those devices to get access to the internet at the same time.
There is no router existing which can improve the download and update speed.
There is no router existing which has the ability to make the internet without fluctuation.

Yellow hat:
There is no competition in the market.
The size of MPWR is the minimum in current market.
The technology improving the speed of the internet is not used for other companies.
MPWR could be used easily.

Black hat:
The cost of production of MPWR is much higher than other products due to the new technology being used.
The MPWR can be purchased only when we have signed contracts with TPG.
Customers will not purchase those products