Operations Management Case Study on Bakery Essay

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1. Introduction 2

2. Outline of the report 3

3. Best Bake Operational objectives 4

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This report is a case study about aspects of operations management involved in a bakery. The bakery was founded in 1960s. This is one of the famous bakeries known as Best bake in south of
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It is also argued that the quality must be solved and not prevented. The organization must continuously have strategic goal for the quality improvement. An organization should have the strategy to make sure that the products and services have the quality that they are designed for.

Any sized food processing industries should consider quality as the most essential for their existence. Consumers and buyers are becoming more conscious of the importance of safe and high quality products. Best bake is been growing since ages and they always want their customers to be fully satisfied and meet all the best quality expectations which has made their reputation for all these years.

Below are the quality checks which are followed in the Best bake

• Inspection of raw materials to ensure that no poor quality ingredients are used
• Vigorous checks on the process to ensure that the weights of the ingredients and temperature and the time of baking are correct
• Maintaining a hygiene and clean environment
• Inspecting the final product to ensure that no poor quality loaves are sent to the customer
• Employees being fully in usage hand gloves and caps
• Storage of food product in the best