Vulnerability Assessment And Management: Operations Support Senior

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Job Title: Operations Support Senior
Job Location: Columbia, Maryland
In support of MARFORCYBER, the candidate shall conduct technology assessment and integration processes, provide and support a prototype capability, and/or evaluate its utility. The candidate shall conduct technology research and assessments to evaluate potential vulnerabilities in cyberspace systems. The candidate shall perform work involving detection, identification, and description of specific vulnerabilities in a system, network, component or process and, when directed, provide and support prototype development, integration capability and/or evaluate prototype utility. Findings and analysis shall be presented via PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and oral presentations as Technical
Discovery Reports or Records of Meetings Minutes. Also, the candidate shall support MARFORCYBER, in the identification, analysis, and mitigation of threats to internal Information Technology (IT) systems or networks. The candidate shall support MARFORCYBER, in the following specific Protect and Defend
Network tasks: Computer Network Defense (CND) Analysis, Incident Response, Computer Network
Defense (CND) Infrastructure Support, Vulnerability Assessment and Management. When developing system concepts and working on the capabilities phases of the systems development lifecycle, the candidate shall translate technology and environmental conditions (e.g., law and regulation) into system and security designs and processes. In support of MARFORCYBER, the candidate shall discover and meet the systems' protection needs and define system security requirements, design system security architecture, develop security designs, implement security systems, and assess the effectiveness of information