Opportunities Action Pl Why I Have Come To The UK To Study

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Opportunities’ Action Plan Why I have come to the UK to study. [100 words]In recent years, there is a growing agreement that go abroad to studying. This is because it brings us a deal of benefits. In the first place, there is no doubt that studying in UK that provide better opportunity to student who live in here, as I could talking with native people also find many different countries friends. When studying English language in UK, I could speaking English to academic exchange with teacher or foreign friends. Also, in the new environment enable us to have many new idea. Besides, this is really good chance to exercise and improve myself. | What are the benefits which I want to develop from this experience ? [150 words]Live in UK which is not only studying new language and knowledge, but also broaden my horizons to understand many different culture. When I learning in western country, I will find many foreign friends then when we talking I will know many different knowledge that from different countries. Such as, culture, belief, religion and government. In this way, it is not only enrich my experience and life, but also play a key role in learning life, I become more and more knowledgeable.I need to stay in UK approximately 3years, after 3 years I will go back China. Nowadays, English is the most popular language in the world, if I am good at English which is offer more opportunity to me, as it good for work in the company to taking with foreigner also foreign education is more avant-garde and create. | How can I achieve development in these areas? [200 words]In the first place, there is no doubt that I should working hard to leaning English, as English is not my native language sometimes it is difficult to academic exchange with teacher or foreign friends. I need to recite English words everyday approximately 10- 30 which not only can raises English proficiency fast, but also it is conducive to learning my major. In my free time, I could watch English film or telethon from the comfort of my chair to relax at the same time I also can learning some new vocabulary then imitate foreigner's pronounce and liaison which is good for my speaking and listening. In addition, When I go out to travel I usually listen to English music, to some extent, the method of free time could promote the development of English.Moreover, it is extremely necessary making foreign friends, since I