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What are some fundamental issues that should be addressed before a crisis occurs? During an organizational crisis, what are some of the vital areas that need to be addressed?
The organization when it fails to achieve its goals, demands, and unable to avoid potential risks is called organizational crisis (Milburn, Schuler, & Watman, 1983). There are some significant issues an organization needs to be addressed before a crisis occurs. The first issue is the ability to assess the risk for its own business. According to Internal Audit Pro (2000), recognition of the company’s business actions and risk category are the effective ways of assessing risk of a particular company. Public companies those have trade in the stock exchange should be aware before decreasing the price of the share. These public companies during the crisis can be selling their shares against facing operational crisis (Argenti, 2013, p.264). Furthermore, make a proper plan with respect to handling the crisis is another fundamental issue an organization should be addressed. A brainstorming session can be arranged by the corporate communication manager with regard to take ideas from the senior managers’ before the crisis occurs. An organization also needs to insure a crisis management and research team before a crisis attacks; so that this team can go into action during the crisis (Weiner, 2006). The controller of every organization is the employees, and that is why the company needs to be addressed their employees are aware how the company is going to deal with the bad situation (Weiner, 2006).
The organization which has adequate resources with respect to control whatever problem it encounter’s is called strong company. Some important steps an organizational manager can be taken during the organizational crisis; regulating the situation is one of them. Regulating the situation means managing the crisis with the use of relevant information after defining the problem (Argenti, 2013, p.270). The head of the corporate communication department can play a vital role through properly dealing with the crisis management team in this regard (Argenti, 2013, p.270). Comprehending the problem with the help of information from different sources is another step to deal with a crisis. The organization when it does not have enough information regarding the bad circumstance or reacts slowly during the crisis cannot hold reputation no longer in the market (Argenti, 2013, p.270). Moreover, the organization might face a difficult situation when it intentionally runs out of information. Another step of handling organizational crisis is to set up centralized crisis management center. This center makes easier to every organization for making all communications during the crisis (Argenti, 2013, p.270). Communicating with both the internal and external affected citizens of the organization during the bad time is another way of handling organizational crisis. Some medium of instructions including e-mail, online service, and faxes can be appropriating in this regard. This is how an organization can get praise from its customers and run its business smoothly (Argenti, 2013, p.272). Crisis could be attacked any time, but the manager must remember that business cannot be stopped and it’s a continual process of running. Proper planning can be effective to prevent another attack of organizational crisis (Argenti, 2013, p.273).

2. Organizational cultures do not change very much because they are self-reinforcing. If you became the CEO of an organization, how would you go about creating a new and improved culture through the use of organizational communication?
Organizational culture is the system of principles and values that eventually provides remedies and controls employees’ behavior (Van der Post, W. Z., de Coning, T. J., & Smit, E. M., 1998). According to Oregon State University Library (2009), the simulated method of understanding employees’ activities in the business is