Opportunity Cost Essay

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How opportunity cost is a either or
Matt Harmon
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How opportunity cost is a either or
Opportunity cost is the highest valued alternative that must be sacrificed as a result of choosing an option. (Gwartney/Stroup/Sobel/Macpherson, 2014) Opportunity cost happens in every decision making intense in life. Every choice has a cause and effect. You cannot have everything you would like because many things are scarce, such as goods (food, education, time, things man-made.) (Gwartney/Stroup/Sobel/Macpherson, 2014) Limited resources can be scarce as well, such as (anything nonhuman, land, water, natural worldly things.) General thought is that some choices are negative and others are positive but none the less the basic concept in understanding opportunity cost is that it’s impossible to choice one thing over the other and not make one item less valued. To tie in a topic of something important that is happening in the world today I will be sharing the short crisis that is in our children’s day to day life. “Throughout childhood, children experience rapid growth and development, so it is crucial they eat the right balance of foods to meet their nutritional needs such as adequate calories for growth, correct amount of other vital nutrients like protein, vitamins and also fiber”. (Scott, Jill 2007) Without correct amounts of all major food groups children will not reach their full genetic potentials. Either we spend more money on school nutrition or let the children suffer.
Real world topic on the subject of opportunity cost is me choosing to write this paper instead of doing my math assignment. They both need to be completed but luckily both classes work on different due dates. This one happens to come first so my priority is finishing