Opposing Illegals to Buy or Rent Homes Essay

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Opposing Illegals to Buy or Rent Homes

There are reasons many reasons why we should not support illegal aliens from being allowed

to purchase or rent homes in the United States. These individuals cannot produce and type of

proper identification that shows the bank or lender that they can be in the country legally as

banks required documentation. If the individual rents a home, how can the homeowner or

apartment complex conduct a background check on an individual if he does not the right to be in

the United States. For the individuals who came to this country legally and had to go through all

the hassle on becoming a citizen or getting a green card, they might feel that it would not be fair

to them as they worked hard on doing things legally.

When individuals decide to purchase an investment such as a house, the banks and lenders

require them to show the proper documentation such as a social security card, paycheck stubs,

bank statements, driver’s license or green card to show that they can afford the mortgage

payment and can be in the United States legally. If they cannot provide these documents, they

should not be entitled to be able to purchase a home. The bank cannot run a check on an

individual’s credit if they do not have a social security number and that could be a red flag as the

bank would be giving out a loan and those individuals cannot not pay it back and the bank would

be taking a chance on losing the money. Banks should have say in who they give out a loan to as

it is their money in which they are entrusting those individuals with.

If an illegal alien decides that he wishes to rent a house, the property owner should have the

right to deny that individual the right to rent from them. That property owner has an investment

in that property and could lose money in that investment. The property owner should have the

right to conduct a background check on the individual to make sure that they are able to afford

the rent and can come after the individual if there are damages to the house. If the renters are

illegal aliens and they damage the house and leave without notice, it might be difficult for the

property owners to track them down to file a civil lawsuit against them. Some illegal aliens may

try to head back to their native country and it could impose a problem for the property owner as

that country may safeguard them from any type of lawsuits.

For those who came to this country legally and became citizens or obtained a green card, they

may feel that their effort of doing stuff the right way may seem meaningless. They will wonder…