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“Pedagogy of the Oppressed”

My senior year was a relaxing and calm one until I was transferred in to a Mrs. Bradley’s ninth period English class. The moment I transferred in I knew me and my teacher were not on the same page. Mrs. Bradley always had something to say about everything I did, but I bit my tongue because I was raised to be respectful. Until one day I was at my breaking point. I felt upset because I wasn’t doing well and I asked her if I can make up my work that I missed, she immediately shut me down and told me she was going to fail me and I wasn’t going to graduate. Mrs. Bradley knew I had accommodations with class and still refused to go by them. I was furious, so I went to my guidance counselor and made it a point to talk to Mrs. Bradley because she had something against me, everyone in class knew that she didn’t like me. Mrs. Bradley had to go by what my counselor said but was dreading the fact that I had another chance. Mrs. Bradley was the first teacher that didn’t like me and I was upset by it because I was nothing but nice to her. I always got a long with everyone so easily but I couldn’t get along with her. This affected me because I felt like I was getting treated so unfairly especially since she loved everyone in the class but me. I always felt like I was put last in every discussion we had. Also, felt like all her attention was on her other students more than me. When Freire states, “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teachers are depositor” (Freire). I was the only who felt like this because she treated me differently. Since I felt out of the group and always put last I became less motivated, which resulted in poor grades. I never wanted to go to class because I didn’t know what I was in for. It was unpleasant to attend her class because I had to deal with how she treated me. I love going to class if it’s upbeat and has life to it because that makes me more motivated to do well, this class was the…