Optimism Analysis

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The Effects of Optimism and Rational Thinking Conflict is something that may arise at any place and time. Many people face it every day. Understanding how to deal with it can be crucial to survival in dire situations. This can be shown in the stories of Dear Miss Breed as well as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A Fable. People can respond best to conflict by thinking optimistically, and rationally about the future. Optimism has been seen to be a leading factor in conflict resolution. But what is it, and what are the effects of it? There are many different ways to look at optimism, but through these a general definition can be put together. Optimism is associated with the ability to stay devoted to a goal in spite of many difficulties, and …show more content…
As many have stated, “Nothing can be achieved unless you believe in yourself and have a positive attitude” (Management Study Guide). In the short story Dear Miss Breed, many Japanese-Americans are moved to an internment camp in Poston, Arizona during World War II. The conditions are harsh, and the weather is very hot. A 16-year-old girl named Louise, living in Poston, does her best to stay positive and find the good things about the camp (Oppenheim). She looks to find objects of attention as a way of spending her time. As Louise says, “One of the most beautiful scenery was when crossing a bridge which was right above the Colorado River” (Oppenheim). In the midst of a bleak situation, she was determined and had managed to find something beautiful. In the end, Louise is able to recognize how her trip has shaped her understanding of the world. As she stated, “This trip has made me realize the wonderful work of nature. Her delicate work in shaping the stone mountains, the beautiful coloring of the surroundings--it seemed as if I was looking at the picture or a painting of a genius” (Oppenheim). With the help of her optimistic views, Louise was able to make it to the end of her internment with a positive outlook, unlike the others around her who were negatively impacted. Optimism truly is a driving factor in dire situations and