Optimism Should Be A Priority Real Essay

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Optimism Should be a Priority

Optimism, a word that carries itself throughout the entire span of humanity. Schools and universities try, to their heart’s content, to instill the belief that optimism should be a priority. This ideal of all education providers isn’t, and never will be, in vain. Optimism is very important in today’s society considering how many counterintuitive acts and beliefs demolish this incredibly easy task. These things include such hatred like discrimination by religion, race, and gender; others including prejudice of wealth, weight, and lifestyle. Optimism has its effect on others, yourself, and the environment around you. There are ways to act upon this ideal of optimism such as just being plain glad.
There are many ways to act out the ideal of optimism, such as smiling and trying to stay in control. Surprisingly, just believing that you have control, even when you really don’t, can affect your physiological response to stress. A way to do this is to smile and act confident. Even in difficult situations, there are always things to laugh and smile about. The simple act of smiling will make you and others feel better. Have you ever noticed how whining can be contagious. There are problems in every work environment and people who spend most of their time focused on the negative. Commit yourself to think and speak positively. Spend time with optimists. If you are very upset about a situation, give yourself a time limit to vent your concerns and then move on to more positive thoughts. Crisis situations can present unusual opportunities to change even very negative dynamics in positive directions. Stopping to ask important questions such as,”What can I learn from this situation?” Or what does this situation make possible? Be grateful for the tough times because it will teach you to deal with adversity and there are always some positive outcomes from even the most negative experience. If you actively look for things to be grateful for, you may be surprised at how much good there is in your life. Your appreciation of others can have a very powerful impact on their life and also make you feel better. Great nursing leaders know that it is important to begin with praise and honest appreciation of their staff. During tough times, this can mean much more than a raise that you are unable to give. A culture of appreciation and gratitude is very powerful and benefits everyone on the team. The meaning of optimism is often misconstrued. Optimism means to expect and/or hope for the best possible outcome in every situation. Some people may refer to optimism as being hard or a waste of time, but the people that think this way do not recognize the effects that optimism has on physical and…