Essay on Optimistic: To Kill a Mockingbird and Atticus

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include the attitude of hope for future conditions.. A common idiom used to illustrate optimism versus pessimism is a glass with water at the halfway point, where the optimist is said to see the glass as half full, but the pessimist sees the glass as half empty.Someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future or the success of something in particular
1. Atticus never give up, we are so close, never give up hope in the human’ s good, what is optimistic, even when the condition is bad, still hopeful, never give up on fighting and hope,------ set in a bad environment but the main focus is on a optimistic family.
2. Mauide, house burn down but see the better house in the future, lose the case but comfort the kid to think in a positive way, to spread positive energy.
3. Kids are future, we got Jem and Scout and Dill to believe in good, to pass out what Atticus hold, we have reason to be hopeful for the future,
4. Plot, always turns out be good. 私刑化险为夷,boo turns out to be kind, 被跟踪也被救,show the triumph of good.(good VS evil.) people are essentially good, and Atticus know the evil side of human but still keep his faith. So that people would believe that things would turn out better, the ending, sun will always rise. .
5. 1, Tom Robinson’s case. Baby step.Tom case, leads to a hopeful baby step, the voice has never been express through public, and now it is out, it might not alter people’s mind immediately, alter all the prejudice exist in this old town over generation, but the idea sure would stir up in people’s mind. Spread the seed in the soil, wait and see it grow and root. Seed is hope. Portray several character that approve what Atticus did. “you would be suprised to see how many of us did” jury, judge, Tom’s hire, Maudie. The death of Tom is not in vain. What does the tragic death and all those horrible prejudice appears in the book?How is that optimistic? Wouldn’t it destroy once hope for a better future? Diamond shines the best on black velvet. Optimistic shines the best in the worst situation. The reality is that while there are aspects of society which are morally repugnant. There are situations where the worst aspects of human beings are present. With all whole town of prejudice, the book choose to portray a family that is contradict to the main stream of racism. children have become stronger advocates for the innocent. The experiences the children have allow them to become good people like their father. Through out the book, the cruel reality is like the black velvet, it only makes the optimistic essence of the book shine even brighter.

2. Boo Raedley. Prejudice can be resolve, Boo’s case and Tom’s case resemble. They are >..... Since Boo’s prejudice can be reslove so does racism. Shine the light of hope upon the future of the black community.Boo’s prejudice is resolved. All prejudice can be resolved, it take’s time, might serves as symbol, the town is old and full of tradition, prejudice has roo tin their mind, the idea of eqeality is new to them, they need a phase to adapt. Just like it take Jem and Scout time to resolve prejudice. the town people’s understanding and 认知和宽容等等仍是孩子的程度, 不够成熟。 Required development. Once they have gone through the phase of immature, and deeper understanding of the black community, the prejudice would be resolved and last scene. Good vs Evil ends with the triumph of the good. Conflict resolved with the death of the villan, he pay the price.
3. Through Maudie
One of the first optimistic points that can be found in this novel is found in Scout and Jem's father, Atticus Finch. There are many times throughout the novel in which Atticus represents the good in the American society at the time the book was published. Mr Finch was not a racist man. He held equal views of both races, which is why he had no problem with accepting the Tom Robinson case.Atticus is a supportive loving father who invites wisdom into the children's lives. The children also get to experience the black