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Structure and Presentation (15%):
Clear and professional presentation. Logical structure. Good syntax and spelling.

Evidence of critical evaluation (25%)
Clear evaluation of the different elements of the careers provision and their impact on your employability.

Evidence of self-reflection and development (30%)
Evidence of how term 1 learning has impacted you as an individual. Evidence of engagement in your own self-development.

Evidence of career planning (30%)
A coherent, realistic plan of next steps which will assist is achieving career goals.

Total Mark: _________


1. Overview··································2
2. Elements evaluation·························2
1) Lectures··············································2
2) Employer & alumni engagements·························2
3) 1:1s··················································2
4) Mock interviews·······································3
3. Individual reflection·························4
1) Career markets information·····························4
2) Job application········································4
3) Interview skills········································5
4) Networking ability·····································5
4. Careers plan································6
1) Career markets········································6
2) Consultancy project····································6
3) Visa application········································7

1. Overview
The Global Reach Project in the first term provides us with plentiful advice of job hunting, useful tips for applications and effective practices to improve our interview skills. Through each specific element of Global Reach Project, it gives us a platform to strengthen our employability, especially for international students who are not familiar with the overseas application processes.

2. Elements evaluation
1) Lectures
The lectures contained various forms such as group interview, seminars and questionnaires, showing us the whole procedure of application. The tips help us with the difficulties we might meet in job hunting, such as how to make your CV clear and attractive to employers, what are we supposed to do to perform the best of ourselves in the interview.
2) Employer & alumni engagements
The engagements have two impacts on me. First, it provided me with the information about my target companies in depth and detail, such as Morgan Stanley and UBS. Second, the successful stories of alumni stimulate us pursuing for the jobs in these competitive companies.
3) 1:1s
I think this is most helpful to improve our employability. From Waller and Raj, who are experienced tutors with affluent knowledge about job markets, we can acquire plentiful information about our career targets. Also, I got an explicit CV after making appointments with them. More importantly, they provided me with a customized career plan which maximizes the possibility of finding a job.
4) Mock interviews
There are two mock interviews, which are assessment center and online interview. The three-hour assessment center helped us get used to the intensive atmosphere. The ice-breaking and group discussion increased our confidence in these segments. The online interview created a simulated environment for us to experience the tension when faced with the questions given by HR. It would be better to set more analogous interviews in the future.

3. Individual reflection
1) Career markets information
Through the learning from GRP, I become familiar with the British job markets relating to my major. To find a job as the auditor in Deloitte or KPMG is a wise choice for me, because the international accounting companies supply thousands of job vacancies every year and those jobs are highly related to my major, finance. For international students from China, we need to obtain working visa. Thus networking with the employers in advance becomes essential, which could increase my competence when