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OR Solutions is a private sector business which is responsible for the development and delivery of technical innovations. OR Solutions has created minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) also known as bloodless surgeries which can reduce errors and increase surgical quality and outcomes. The problem that this company was having is that it was having the inability to meet the sales quota and short term focus on sales, no sales force, the company had not made a profit, no real expertise in health care marketing, and no in-house production capability (Swayne, Duncan, & Ginter, 2009). To help OR Solutions grow the company needs to decide whether to hire a whole new sales force or adopt a partnership strategy. The environmental influence that is evident in the case is that OR Solutions spent quite a bit of time working on the numbers to project sales and not so much on how they were going to sell the product to reach those projected sales. Both the hospitals and OR Solutions failed to anticipate change, ignored external forces, and they resisted change which found themselves out of touch with the needs of the market (Swayne, et al., 2009). The external environmental factors that impacted the organization are technological changes and competitive changes. Even though hospitals would be cutting down on a chance of error by using the MIS, which means the hospital would take a loss on the already purchased machine that does the same job. Plus OR Solutions was only sending one