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Asylum seekers have been escaping their hostile countries for decades now, but where are they fleeing to? Not to Australia. With the Australian government forcing asylum seekers to Thailand and other foreign countries, it is lessening the number we, as Australians, have to "deal with", at least that is the government’s plan. Many Australians believe that asylum seekers and refugees don't deserve to come here to Australia, however if those Australians were to be forced to flee Australia due to war, they would support them coming. The point being made is that asylum seekers deserve as much as any Australian. Australia is a free country, and we want the entire world to believe that, so why are we trying to relieve asylum seekers of the joy of living here? There are countries such as America, who are accepting up to thirty per cent more refugees and asylum seekers than us. If Australia is such a pleasant place, why are we letting our image get dragged through the dirt? Yes we're allowing minimal amounts, but it's nowhere near as much as we could be taking; and the seekers we do accept, we place in detention centres. When will we start taking care of seekers properly like they deserve? Some Australians may be racist, but that doesn't mean they can ignore the fact that the people coming to our country by boat are in desperate need of help, so who are we to deny them of it? Time and again, emphasis is put on the blame of the asylum seekers for acting upon illegal actions, yet no