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Biography Oral Presentation:
Final Assessment

**Presentations begin _______________________**

I will ask you 3 interview questions; you have already received them in advance and have time to prepare detailed responses that contain both facts and inferences.

You will ROLE-PLAY (pretend to be) the person you read about, and will respond using 1st person POV.

← NOTES: Finish creating notes and finalize your note cards for the presentation. You can use as many note cards as you’d like, but your CANNOT read from them. Some tips:

o Label them by question/topic, numbered in order, & find a way to keep them organized (a box, ring, rubber-band, etc.)

o Make them neat, with text spread out (don’t cram a lot on one card), using headings/phrases/key words (NO complete sentences); consider typing them—use color, font size, highlight/bold words, etc.

o You want to be able to briefly glance down, so make them easy to read.

← PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: o Rehearse your answers using your note cards In front of your mirror, your family, or friends—you can get valuable feedback on your ideas and delivery.

o Tim e yourself using a clock or cell phone – see how close you come to 3 minutes (2:30 or 3:30 is OK; if it’s more than that, make adjustments by adding or deleting information).

o Try to improve your volume (are you loud enough to be heard by all?), eye contact (try to set 3 focal points in the room to move to/from; be sure to avoid reading off your cards), practice good posture; sit and speak with confidence and enthusiasm.

o Be sure to stay “in character”!

← Create your Visual Aid (suggested format: collage of images with quotes; poster/digitally). How will you use it to enhance your presentation? ← Oral Presentation Rubric

|CATEGORY |4-Exceeds Standards |3-Meets |2-Approaches Standards |1- Does Not Meet Standards |
| | |Standards | | |
|Content (Ideas & |Shows a complete understanding of |Shows a basic understanding of |Shows somewhat of an |Does not seem to understand the |
|Evidence) |the biographical subject's life; |the biographical subject's life; |understanding of parts of the |biographical subject very well. |
| |makes many insightful inferences |makes some inferences. |biographical subject's life. | |
| | | | |Rarely or never uses specific |
|_____ |Frequently uses specific examples |Often uses specific examples and |Sometimes uses specific |examples and details to support |
| |and details to support ideas. |details to support ideas, but |examples and details to support|ideas. |
| | |could be more detailed. |ideas, but is overall vague. | |
|Preparation |Student is completely prepared and |Student seems mostly prepared, |The student is somewhat |Student does not seem at all |
| |has obviously practiced. |but with more effort/practice, |prepared, but it is clear that |prepared to present. |
| | |the presentation could have been |practice was minimal. |Student…