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Oral presentation
Hello 10F and Mrs Wlas, today I will be present my persuasive piece on why “Romeo and Juliet” should still be on the school booklist. Throughout our schooling years we learn different things, even if we like it or not and one of those tasks is reading the Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet.” There is also reason to why we get taught these tasks and I am here to tell you all the specific details on what it actually helps us in our years left in school and in life after school.
Why is Shakespeare taught in school? Firstly Shakespeare is for one a great play which has beautiful scenes but it is also very different to our regular reading or English text. It exposes the students to a new type of literary technique, and what people do not understand is that Shakespeare has many traits to learn but one of them is poetry. When you read the play you might not realize this but the fact is that Shakespeare put together a story using a poetic language he created himself. And why do we need to know poetry? Poetry is a outstanding test that will challenge your vocabulary to the limit which brings out the artistic point of view on things because putting together words to make them rhyme is not as easy as it sounds. Shakespeare also can contribute in improving our literature skills and has shown a lot of writing techniques which makes the play more confusing for us but if confusion of the technique is explained it will profoundly improve your writing skills and understanding of text for example. “ Oh Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo” if your knowledge of the language is immensely suitable you will know in translation to modern English it would become “ Why Romeo’s called Romeo and not any other name?” but the readers who struggle to understand this technique would perceive it as “ Oh Romeo, where are you Romeo?” so Shakespeare does