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Year 11 Oral Sac

Good afternoon, I agree that selfishness does lead to human suffering. Throughout this speech I will give you examples on why I believe so strongly on this topic. One being that racism is an outcome of selfishness and it is swelling throughout the world. Also signs of selfishness leading to human suffering can be looked at in the more emotional and mental direction which leads me to the point of how relationship problems with your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband etc. Also the drug usage and drug dealers that give harmful substances to people that don’t really need them. All in all there are many ways of describing human suffering, whether it be physical, social, emotional or mental, selfishness thrives and leads to human suffering.

Racists show no apparent feeling for other people of different colour, ethnicity, or religion. They are very impolite and disrespectful to society's views. Because fear for themselves and life as they know it, racists are only expanding, especially in 3rd world countries. Racists are single-minded people who judge a book by its cover. They don't realize the inner quality of the people they are despising. Their individualistic ways have led to their misjudgement of others only by appearance. By sending out racial slurs this can lead to many things. Whether it is self harm (suicide), having a low self esteem the list goes on and on. This is a perfect example because it is a man made form of human suffering, nobody can make somebody be racist, it is there selfishness and there own attempt to humiliate and demean somebody by the colour of their skin, the way they talk, act. You can’t do anything about how you were born, people are just too selfish and think they are better than everybody; this is why I believe selfishness does lead to human suffering.

Drug usage is also a result of selfishness leading to human suffering because who is benefiting from the suffering of others? The drug dealers, who are often drug addicts themselves, spread their self-destructive ways through selling drugs. Drug addicts aren't only causing hardships for themselves, but to others by getting into serious situations, often falling into crime. The drug dealers' disregard for people is their way of living a selfish individualistic life, producing more wrong doing than good. Drug usage/drug dealers show a clear indication on how selfishness is leading to suffering. Reason for this being is that it is another source of man made suffering. It is the peoples selfishness and regard for there own selves and putting others at life threatening risks just to get some money. Is that extra $30-$100 worth somebody’s life in the long run?

Now onto the emotional part of how selfishness is leading to human suffering. Relationships contribute well to this topic because for instance you could have a happily married couple, everything going fine and out of nowhere say the husband for example has a slight change of feeling, does not know what to do, and is only thinking of his own well being. So what does he do? He risks his marriage and goes ahead and cheats. Now tell me, would you put your whole family and marriage