Orange: Broken Heart and Power Balance Wristbands Essay

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Kyle Che 9/22/12 Per.2 Ms. Bishop For Writing: Orange Crush

1.Have you or anyone you know ever purchased a product because you thought it would change your life? In a paragraph or two, tell about your encounter with this product and whether or not it met your expectations. Yes, I myself has purchased a product that I thought would change my life. The product is called
Power Balance Wristbands which was said to improve your overall balance. And I thought to myself if it would to improve my balance why not get one to wear. At first I also thought that since no one at school had them, I could be the only with them. So I ordered one and decided to wear it the following day. As I arrived to school I saw two of my friends with the wristbands and I was shocked. Did it meet my expectations? No, because I searched up the wristband and found an article about the wristbands being fake and that it does not help your balance because the balance comes from the mind and it’s a mental thing. Plus the idea of being the only one wearing these wristbands became a failure. Although it didn’t reach my expectations, I continue to wear them as a novelty item and just sometime I can put on my wrist.

2. Write a Narrative about an infatuation you’ve had with a particular person or lifestyle-or perhaps a person who represented a lifestyle. Tell what you did to act on your infatuation- and/or how you got over it. The particular person I had to act upon my infatuation was playing hard to get. I tried many options. First, I tried to give hints that showed I had feelings for her but that didn’t work out that easy.
Second I tried to get her close friends to help me tell her but then I realized that I would be a chicken for not taking matters into my own hands. The last choice was just to go to her and straight up tell her.
I thought it was going to be bad but it actually turned out well and from that day we starting talking then it became a relationship.

The hardest thing ever is trying to get over each other. I didn’t want to do because I had to deal
With the reactions of hers’ and other people’s mostly including her close friends but I did it anyways .
So after it was done I had a really bad and an uneasy feeling and she was heartbroken, but it was the best decision