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Topic: Annotated Bibliography for the Operations Performance

Introduction Supply network design revolves around deploying assets in manner that reinforces shareholder and stability value. At this juncture, it is important to lay much concern on sourcing and market strategies that shall generate the proficient financial performance. For instance, it is crucial to establish the optimal number of capital including warehouses and delivery centres needed for maximization of long-term revenue and profits. It is also reasonable to apprehend the exact means and places of employing assets in order to attain optimal and financial and operational performance. Apparently, individuals concerned with supply chain distribution are required to be endowed with an effectual device that ponders business goals, financial implications and subsequent resource constraints so as to determine the maximum supplier-to-consumer supply chain structure, hence being able to increase profitability and reducing costs. Otherwise, this project is targeted at providing annotated bibliographies hence showing connection between supply network designs with immense scholarly articles (Altiparmak, Gen, Lin & Karaoglan, Pg.521, 2009).
Zhang, Y., & Gregory, M. (2011). Managing global network operations along the engineering value chain. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 31(7), 736-764. This article was authorized by Yufeng Zhang and Mike Gregory in the year 2011. Both Zhang and Mike were aiming at expressing their sincere gratitude towards the IFM industrial colleagues and organizational partners for supporting them during data collection. Generally, the main message on this context is centred on improving effectual and effective apprehension of the best and recommendable ways of managing global network activities through an engineering perspective. At this juncture, the researchers were confirmed to employ theory building framework linked with case studies. This theoretical model was refined and completed via nine detailed case studies within the industrial sector of electrics, electronics, automotives, defence and aerospace, hence being based on accessible literature (Altiparmak, Gen, Lin & Karaoglan, Pg.523, 2009). Conversely, the paper has displayed the core value creation strategy for the multinational operations besides engineering value chain. Moreover, it has provided institutional features for reinforcing the captured value mechanisms as well as the primary issues within engineering systems structure and the activities that are presented within the intact model. Through practical implications, outputs of this study are backed with ethical concerning applications of pilots hence helping companies to advance the performance of their recent engineering designing and structuring of novel engineering networks to facilitate growth and development of international customers and businesses in a more systematic manner. The authors has pointed that the issues relating to operations and design for the global engineering networks (GEN) has been underprivileged within the existing literature as viewed against their apparent significance for the value realisation and creation. In the process of solving this challenge, the article has introduced the impression of engineering value chain to address capability of a value chain method in the exploration of engineering operations in a comprehensive business sector. Similarly, the paper has instigated an entire framework for regulating GEN besides engineering value series. This has been confirmed to heighten community’s understanding of engineering within the industrial values sequences and also gear extension of theoretical apprehension of GEN by incorporating the value chain concepts and the engineering network theories (Altiparmak, Gen, Lin & Karaoglan, Pg.523, 2009).
De Vries, J., & Huijsman, R. (2011). Supply chain management in health