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Why is Religion Important?

1. Intro: Hello everyone today I’m going to tell you about why religion is important. I know how it sounds but before you get all uncomfortable or decide to take a nap, let me explain I’m not here to convert you all and tell you why my religion is the best. Instead I’m going to discuss why religion is important in general but before I do that let me tell you what religion means to me.

a. What is Religion?
a.i. Religion is a belief that a higher power has a plan and a greater purpose for our lives
a.ii. Religion is a way of life that affects:
The clothes you wear,
The things you eat,
The rituals you perform and Holidays and traditions you celebrate.

b. It does not matter what religion you are, whether it is Christian, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim to name a few:
c. It doesn’t matter where you practice your religion, whether it is in a mosque, a temple, a church, a synagogue or even in your homes.
d. It doesn’t matter which traditions you celebrate whether it is Christmas, Eid, Diwali, or Hanukkah.

e. What does matter is that:
e.i. religion brings us a sense of meaning and purpose to our otherwise pointless lives,
e.ii. it gives us a sense of belonging in a cold and lonely world,
e.iii. it gives us hope in a life full of despair,
e.iv. it maintains social order in this otherwise chaotic world and
e.v. it gives us security in the present and hope for the future.

2. Fellowship & Belonging
a. The true goal of religion is to bring mankind together, and then to bring them all to God.
b. We are all children of God, we may call God by different names or celebrate his power and glory in different ways but we are all still brothers and sisters in his eyes.

3. Purpose & Meaning
a. People throughout time have always searched for the reason why they are alive and for their purpose here on the earth. Religion gives people a reason to live and guides people through following the word and direction of God.
b. By following the direction that religion provides people are guaranteed security and hope in life and eternal blessings in death.

4. Hope
a. Religion gives people hope. This may not be important to all of you but it is very important to some people in their times of need like the poor, the sinners, or just those people who struggle with the internal battle between good and evil.
b. Religion gives us hope that even when we do wrong and make mistakes that we are not bad people, but that we have