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October 3, 2013
Transnational management
Coca-Cola Structure Coca-cola is a company that is known to over 200 countries in the world. Coca-cola strides to devolpe a organziational structure fit to suit the different cultures of these diverse countries. Coke has 2 major global comptitors those being Pepsi and Schweeps. Coke is cleary the most dominate multinational soft drink claiming "47% of the national market, compared with 21% for ppepsi and 8% for Schweeps." (Academia.edu). Alothough the company is so productive internationally the do have issues marketing to their wide range of cliental. Coke philosphy on the global strategy is stay loyal to your local consumers and success with build from there. However coke is attempting to expand more countries such as burma, where they have more of a primaitve lifestyle. Coke main adversting source is there website site www.coclacoa.com . Citzens in Burma would have trouble being turned on to the company because the internet is much harder to access. Because of this coke would have to mange the company by operatiing threw an international divison. This means the would mamange the compnay through a neighboring country or a country in a reasonable distance such as china where the product is very popular retinroduced to the market in 1979. ( BBC Magazine). Once foreign sales and foreign product diverstiy were high in that region coke can establish a global matrix. In the global matrix the would be a president of the global chemical dvision where all the area dvision and international division can report to making the buisness run smoothly while still not having to change any sales divison in there local country in the America. Coke pledges to focus mainly on there local field