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11 March 2015

Human Sexuality


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Date Human Sexuality
A huge number of scholars in the area of human sexual studies have often regarded Alfred Kinsey as the leading figure. He has always been held in a high esteem as the pioneer in this field. In the course of his research in the sexual field, Kinsey used sampling methods that generated a lot of controversies. Essentially, at one time in his career, he held interviews with sex criminals whom he promised not to report to the authorities. If I were the one to conduct this research, I would ensure that I have reported these sex pests to the authorities. The major aim of this scenario would be to ensure that public safety is upheld. In my opinion, it seemed that Kinsey value his scientific data more than he cared for the public safety. If I was to repeat Kinsey's work, I would endeavor to take a sample from the sex criminals that are already in the custody of authorities. By doing this, I would be working to restore public image in my works and show the general public that despite valuing my research and works, I also have the welfare of public at my heart (Hyde pp.65)
Another thing which I also would have done differently with Kinsey in his works has to do with his interview techniques. For example in 1944, he interviewed a hardcore sex pest who was infamous for his notoriety of engaging in sexual encounters with women, men, and animals. In extreme cases, the criminal also had carnal knowledge with his closest kin. Kinsey did not report this pest to the authorities. To worsen the already worse situation, he lied that his interview was from multiple sources. If I was the one doing it, I would have sourced my interview from fewer controversial sources (Virginia pp.43).
Apparently, I appreciate the passion and zeal in which Kinsey demonstrated in his works. My reservation emanates from the wordings he used to record his works. For example, he published two books detailing his works. These books became instant best sellers. He recorded that about 92% of all American men actually masturbated. Also, he revealed in those books that at least 85% of the population has had pre-marital Sex. He went on to say that 70% of men had at one point in their lives paid prostitute. These findings caused uproar across the general population. If I were in Kinsey's shoes, I would not have exposed these findings to the general public. This would have ensured that public tranquility and peace is upheld (Hyde pp.65).
Personally, I hold Alfred Kinsey works in high esteem. In fact, the scientist deserves utmost recognition for his pioneering work in the field of human sexuality. Consequently, there are areas in his work which I don't agree with him, and I could have differently if I were in his shows. A case in point was when Kinsey and his team of assistants tabulated the data, and they employed a novel approach in a bid of defining human sexuality. In this approach, they used a scale which was graded to explain the sexuality of a person. In this binary system of analysis, Kinsey deviated from the usual norm where people are considered to be either homosexual or heterosexual. Instead; he enumerated the sexual behavior of people as to be on a continuum that cannot be strictly described as homosexual or heterosexual. In my opinion, this is a rather absurd way of reasoning. It is archaic to conclude that all people do not have a defined sexual orientation. All in all, I think that Alfred Kinsey's work was commendable despite the few shortcomings it exhibited (Pittenger pp.24).
In the 1980's there were myths, stereotypes and misconceptions that surrounded the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The first common misconception that was being peddled across the country was that it was possible for the HIV to be spread by having a casual contact with a person who is already infected