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Tommy Hammill period,4 10-19-11
Anne Sexton

Anne Gray Harvey was born November 9, 1928 in Weston, Mass. to Mary Gray Staples Harvey and Ralph Churchill Harvey. The youngest of three sisters, Anne was the baby of the family, always craving attention and loving to be held. Growing up, Anne saw her eldest sister, Jane, become Daddy's girl, while her other sister Blanche, became re-known as the smart one of the three, loving to read and the only one to go to college. Her parents moving to Wellesley, Mass., Anne attended public schools from the time she was 6 until she was 17.At the age of 17, her parents sent her off to Rogers Hall, a preparatory school for girls, in Lowell, Mass. Anne first began to write poetry, which was published in the school yearbook. What poetry Anne Sexton wrote was her concentrating on her deeply personal feelings, especially anguish. In particular, many of her poems record her battles with mental illness She spent many years in psychoanalysis, including several long stays in mental hospitals. Her poetry conflicts with what she has been through and her life. People should be interested in her because of the great work she puts and creativity in, but strongly more to the people that are in a dark place or sad or even confused because a lot of her poems are based on those categories but she is a very popular and great poetry writer. How does the poet relate to Catcher In The Rye , well Anne is a confessional writer because she always talks/writes about her problems.

"After Auschwitz” what I think the poem means is , that she was very frustrated at one of her friends that happens to be a male. These two lines ,''Let man never again put on his shoe” “Let man never again raise his eyes” mean that she is very upset with someone that she knows that’s a foolish male, or how back in that time how men got more respect than women. I dislike this poem because when I read poetry it actually gets to me , and when I read this I felt like I was in a dark place. Don’t get me wrong its a very well written poem I just don’t like the plot of it. How this poem relates to the other is that their all kind of depressing in a way but she had to be going through a rough time because theirs a lot of these same alike poems.

"August 8th” What this poem means is shes trying to pretend to sound like a bad ass girl, she's trying to have readers think she a dangerous girl in this poem. “Listen here. I've never played it safe” this line is a really good thesis in a way it tells right from the begging its gonna be a thrasher poem a bad side poem in other wise. I like this poem because she trying to gets readers to think she not just a goody good girl she wants people to think of her as a bad ass and a princess. This poem doesn’t really relate to the others because this one is unique and rare.

“hornet'' what this poem mean is that the plot was it was a bee and that it could be anywhere in the house so be aware. I choose these two lines “A red-hot needlehangs out of him, he steers by it”, because its very well given explained begging and a good way to start off the poem. Its saying that he just got stung by a bee and now the stinger is in his body. I liked this poem a lot because it had great detail added in to it Anne went the extra mile to have such a well written poem. How this poem relates to the other poems is that this one had great detail so far poems that I’ve read from Anne is that she adds great detail which makes it even better to read.

''I Remember'' What I think this poem means is, that it's becoming to be fall and the colors are starting to look dull. These two lines that I choose “no color, no more than the sand was a color” means that its becoming to be fall where all the leaves and colors go away and it becomes to look dull outside. I dislike this poem because it was all scattered around and confusing and it didn’t excite me while I was reading it. This poem compares to a lot of hers because a