ordinary summer Essay

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This was no ordinary summer afternoon. The temperature was a hundred-five degrees. Kids were riding their bikes, in swimming pools, swinging on swings, and playing hiding go seek. However, my brothers and I were in the house. We could not leave the house because we was grounded, because we decided not to go to school. So I decided to cook us lunch. I went into the cold freezer to search for the clear bag a bag of chicken.

I took the chicken to the sink and ran cold water on it until it unfrozen. It seems as if it was taking forever; it took about thirty minutes. I begin to put oil in the boiler, cut the stove on, and let the cooking oil get hot. While waiting for the cooking oil to get hot I seasoned, and floured the chicken. Once the oil was hot, I placed the chicken in the boiler five at a time and it began to fry. While the chicken was frying, the smell was irresistible. The smell of the fried chicken made my stomach rumble as it spread throughout the entire house.

I knew it normally took about twenty-five minutes to get done so I decided to go watch TV. Even though I had promised my mom I would always stay in the kitchen while cooking, I figured what it would hurt. After all my favorite show was on, and I really did not want to miss it. While watching “Martin” I feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier as my consciousness ebbing away. At that moment the timer on the oven went off sending me into a panic. I immediately ran into the kitchen to get save the chicken.

I grabbed the biggest fork I could find in started to pull the meat out one by one. The aroma spreads through the out the house as if someone had sat of a bomb. Since the smell was so irresistible, I had to taste it. The…