Oregon Country and Alexander Mackenzie Essay

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Development of British Columbia Quiz 1. Where was Fort Simpson located?
a) the Kootenays
b) mouth of Nass River
c) Queen Charlotte Islands 2. Who first went to the Arctic Ocean, while searching for the pacific?
a) Alexander Mackenzie
b) David Thompson
c) Simon Fraser 3. Why was Fort Victoria built?
a) in honour of the Queen’s coronation
b) to move fur trade business farther north
c) as a home for James Douglas 4. Who built the first post on the Columbia River?
a) David Thompson
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Alexander Mackenzie 5. What was defined as Oregon Territory?
a) all land west of Manitoba, stretching to the 34th parallel
b) all land east of the rockies, stretching to the 34th parallel
c) all land west of the Rockies, stretching to the 42nd parallel 6. What did James Polk’s slogan “
54°40 or fight′
” mean?
a) he wanted Canada to give the USA enough oil to heat all their homes to at least 50 degrees celsius
b) he wanted to take all the land up to the
54°40′ parallel for the USA
c) he wanted to end global warming and promised to declare war on nations that would not support the cause 7. The SS Beaver was ________
a) a taxidermied beaver from the first royal voyage to Canada.
b) a HBC moving trading post that sailed the west coast of Canada
c) a military code name for a tactic to be used against the USA in case of invasion 8. Who is the first governor of Vancouver Island?
a) James Douglas

b) John McLoughlin
c) George Simpson 9. What were the founders of the