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If BP is to succeed going forward the current CEO, Bob Dudley, must identify and successfully address the major psychological weaknesses in BP’s corporate culture. Many culture changes are precipitated by a crisis. Culture is the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the member of one organization to another. However, an organization’s culture can also be influenced by all of the persons it interacts with. Culture change is more than just a new name, uniforms, slogans, or logos. Those are superficial. The true culture of an organization is its unique configuration of norms, values, beliefs, ways of behaving that characterize the manner in which groups and idivuals combine to get things done. This can be restated as the psychological assets of the organization that might predict its material assets. However, in order to succeed the culture itself needs good management. BP will need to take a long term approach to this culture change which will involve new values, aims employees and long term strategic plans. It is our recommendation that BP adopt a task culture. A task culture is developed when a corporation is aware of the importance of teamwork in delivering projects. It is this very type of culture that exists in environments where the risks are high and the feedback on actions and decisions takes a long time. It is a very adaptable and flexible model in which groups are formed for a specific purpose and after that are reformed, continued or abandoned. This model relies