Ruble And Thomas (1976), What Approaches Did Hands Adapt, When Managing Conflict

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Focusing on the framework characterised by Ruble and Thomas (1976), what approaches did Hands adapt, when managing conflict?

Thomas and Ruble (1976) adapted from Cosier and Ruble (1981)
Referring to Hands approach, students may refer to two approaches. The ‘Avoiding’ approach; as Hands avoided other professionals within the company, rather than interacting and communicating with them. Exploring the evidences from the case study students may refer to Robbie Williams’s example; as he went on strike and refused to deliver his new album, as he wanted to know more about the change plans. (The example clearly shows that the lack of interaction with artists was a problem).
Students can also claim that Hands had a ‘Competing’ approach. Hands wanted his own direction and approach; he defended a position which he thought was correct.Students may refer to the case and focus on Hands strategy, which was to cut jobs (layoffs) and reduce costs to increase profits. Further, students may comment on how Hands sent out a letter to the employees of EMI and promised to let them know about their future.

Additionally, students may extend their debate by referring to Lukes (1974)Dimensions of Power;
Face 1: Decision making- Hands was able to take over and invest into EMI; he made the decisions and enforced them on others.Therefore, had the power to make others do what they did not want to do.
Face 2: non-decision making- Hands had the ability of setting an agenda; therefore, he could decide what he wanted to argue. Referring to the case study Hands states ‘ I'm not going to start telling artists how to sing and to make music, by the same token, they shouldn't tell me how to make a business that is financially sustainable. I'm not going to be one of them.' This demonstrates how Hands could talk about what he wanted and if he was challenged, he would reply with a precise answer or change the topic.
Face 3: Shaping perceptions- Hands had the ability to change and make orders in various parts…