Organ Donation Persuasive Speech

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I. Attention Grabber:
Imagine that you are laying in a dark, gloomy hospital room waiting to find out if you will receive an organ that is crucial to your survival. Imagine knowing that there are 120,000 other people also on the same waiting list, and that there were 30,000 transplants completed last year. Your next breath could depend on an organ donation. However, you receive news that there aren’t enough organs available for you to have a transplant.

Transition: Unfortunately, the lack of organ donations is the problem that many people are facing.

II. Need:
There is a lack of organs and organ donors who make the organ transplants possible.

1. Did you know that every ten minutes someone is added to the organ transplant waiting list
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IV. Visualization:

If we people choose to not become organ donors, people will lose their lives as a result. You or your loved ones could, one day, be a part of the 120,000 plus people who need an organ donation. What if there is an organ shortage due to lack of donors?

1. The population size for those who need organ transplants will increase through the roof, without there being any further help causing them to ultimately die.
2. Most people who are against organ donation are decreasing some else’s future due to decreasing donations on the waiting list.
3. An organ shortage would be a drastic measure to life for those awaiting an organ transplant and that hope that once had would be diminished and they would be more prone to give up.

V. Action:

As you can see, donating your organs can be one of the most important resolution you can ever make and it is also the most appreciable gift you could ever give to someone.

1. By marking organ donor on your license, you have just committed to saving someone’s life, which is a great duty to serve.
2. Think of the fulfillment and possible tranquility of knowing that you have helped a loved one or someone else in the world by providing