Organ Donor Essay

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Organ transplantation is the act of taking an organ from a living or deceased donor and using it to replace a dysfunctional or damaged organ in a recipient’s body. The organ transplant process is a large part of many people’s lives and not in others. If everyone knew the entire process of organ donation I believe it could change the view of the procedure. One question that is constantly asked is, “Why should I be an organ donor?” This question can be answered in multiple ways. Some people disagree with the concept of being an organ donor, but there are many reasons why other people agree. When making the decision to be an organ donor there is never pressure. The decision is made by the individual and their family. Over 100,000 people in the United States are waiting for an organ donation at this very moment. Being an organ donor can help up to fifty of these citizens finally have a normal life. When your organs are donated the list is blind to wealth and status. The rich and famous are not given priority in this situation. Your organs can be donated to anyone in need. A common myth heard is if someone is involved in an accident, and they are an organ donor the doctor’s will not work as hard to save their life. This is not true because the emergency team is only focused on their life, not someone else’s. Funeral plans are also a major concern of organ donors. Every organ donor is able to have an open-casket funeral, because the doctor’s can cover up where organs have been removed. If the donor is of ethnic minority such as African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, or Hispanic then they help out since the need for minority donor organs is high and the blood type has to match. Committing to being an organ donor can take part in not only saving a life, but can help in many other ways too. Being a donor is a very wonderful and unselfish act. Many people die while waiting for an organ, so the decision made may be the difference of someone living a full life or not. Every eleven minutes a new name is added to the waiting list, and eighteen people die everyday because of the lack of organs needed. Individuals who are dependent on kidney dialysis have to go to the hospital three days a week for four hours. If they receive a transplant they can return to living a regular lifestyle without machines. When a patient receives an organ it gives hope for families and answers their prayers. It brightens the patient’s lives and gives them a second chance. The organ donor can choose what they would like to donate such as the heart, kidney, pancreas, lungs, liver, intestines, cornea, heart valves, cardiovascular tissue, bone and soft musculoskeletal tissue, and skin. Organ transplantation is cost effective for everyone and you can even get money for your donating your own kidney.
Organ donation is commonly a very complex process. Most individuals whose organs are donated will have died from an external trauma or head injury. When the individual is identified as an organ donor their organs will be kept viable via ventilator until they can be harvested. When a patient is in need of an organ they are put on a waiting list. Once they are referred to a transplant center the process of evaluating their health and determining if they meet the criteria begins. Once in the organ transplant process the patient must prove they can afford…