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Cause and effect
(Student stress)

Name : Dhafer Mohammed Omar

Stress is one of most depressing things in student’s educational life. Stress management can be convoluted and confusing because there are many types of stress ,acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. However, there are many reasons why students have stress, which include examinations and financial cost.

Firstly , the most common cause of why students become stressed is examinations. Students who have more than one exam in one day may find it confusing or hard to prepare for two exams on the same day. In addition, studying for difficult subjects such as mathematics and physics in a short time can lead to stress. Owing to how difficult are examinations, students become stressed. For example, they might look absentminded; neglect some of their family commitments and lose concentration. All these could be due to several reasons such as the preparation for the exams ,delaying their daily work to the last moment, being absent ,missing teachers’ instructions and contain family problems. As a result ,they will have low scores or may fail. As can be seen, numerous negative effects on students can be a consequence of examinations.
The final cause that can lead students to be stressed is their financial cost. In instance, many students are independent of their parents after they graduate from a high school. Moreover, living cost might be expensive for them .Owing to the high cost of living ,students