Organic Chemistry and Melting Point Essay

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Ivan Canales
Melting Point 02/04/2013 The experiment required that the melting be determined of pure organic compounds separately. This experiment also required that melting point of a mixture of two pure organic compounds be determined to see how it changed and lastly the melting point of an unknown compound had to be determined for the purpose of identification. First the melting point of three known compounds had to be determined. The three known compounds were Resorcinol, Acetanlide, and Acetysalicylic acid. These three known compound were put on wax paper flattened and a descent amount was transferred into three separate capillary tubes for the experiment. The machine was set to a start temperature and a stop temperature. The capillary tubes were then put in the machine for observation to determine if they would start to melt and stop melting at the temperatures that were given. The second part of the experiment involved that to organic compounds be mixed to observe what changes will happen to the melting point of the organic compounds. The two organic compounds that were mixed in this case they were Resorcinol and Acetanlide. Lastly the melting point of an unknown organic compound had to be determined to identify the substance. Resorcinol had a given melting point of 109-111 the results in the experiment showed that the melting point ranged from 109-112 so the given range was correct. Acetanlide had a given melting point of 113-115 the results showed