Organic Farming Should Be Pursued Summary

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In the essay “Organic Farming Should be Pursued”, authors Marika Alena and Laura Inouye argue that Americans are quickly turning to organic foods to feed their families. They argue the reason for this is because Americans are becoming more concerned with food safety and the environment and the best way to combat these issues is for Americans to switch to organic foods. The authors continue to back their point by saying that not only are organic foods better for you and the environment but they say that they are better for rural communities and family farms, as well as the sustainability of America. In the essay the authors use emotion to reach the hearts of their audience to try and convince them that the benefits of organic farming outweigh the negatives, but they fail to be effective as they state very little factual proof, and build no credibility to back up their claims. …show more content…
It could be argued that emotion may play a role in the way some people choose their foods, but for the majority of people they are looking for facts, and facts that can be proven. The majority use of pathos or emotion in this essay as a means of persuasion doesn’t seem to be effective. The authors note the effect of organic farming on small rural communities “Organic farms play a vital role in sustaining and perpetuating the economic and social vibrancy of rural communities” (Alena and Inouye). In this example, they are using emotion more than facts to persuade the audience. Saying that only organic farms can help sustain rural communities is not a proven fact and is more of an emotional