Organic Foods Essay

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Dallas Taylor
Organic Foods
January 26, 2015
Intro to Food Comp & Sci Prep Organic Foods After reading the New York Times article Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of
Organic Meat and Produce by Kenneth Chang. I still feel like yes, eating organic may be better for the environment and may be less harm to your body because you don’t know what you are exactly putting in your body.
There are several different reasons people are willing to pay more for organic produce, but many consumers do so believing that it is a way avoid pesticide residues. According to the article, "
Similarly, organic meat contained considerably lower levels of antibiotic­resistant bacteria than conventionally raised animals did, but bacteria, antibiotic­resistant or otherwise, would be killed during cooking.” I have to agree any bacteria in the produce or meat whether it be conventional or organic, will be killed during cooking.
However, i feel like eating organic, locally grown, natural is great when you can financially allow it. Eating organic is pretty expensive, especially for college students.
Referring to an article written by David L Kats called “Is Organic Foods Better”, the author states “Organic does not mean "nutritious," and never did. Spinach may be grown conventionally, rather than organically, but will still have the nutritional profile of spinach, which is, of course, outstanding. Gummy bears— and sugar
, for that matter—may be organic, and add nothing but empty calories to your diet.” I have to co­sign I believe that just because people think that something may be labeled organic means that it’s healthy. Junk food is junk food, whether it be conventional or organic. It may be organic junk...bottom line is junk is junk.

Just because something is labeled organic, do you trust labeling? Companies will do anything to get you to buy their product over the competitors, so if they are using partially organic items they will write on the package “organic” and people will buy it from the words “organic”, thinking it has to be nutritious and healthy.
A disadvantage of organic food is the lifespan of the product. Without the preservatives found in non organic foods nearly all the produce and meats needs to be refrigerated or placed in the freezer. Organic farming also yields fewer crops because insects, weeds, and fungi often damages a larger portion of organic crops conventionally grown crops. I would try purchasing frozen organic produce and protein because I would have to use the items within that week or else they would go to waste. According to an article written by Christian Nordqvist titled “Food Has No Benefits Over
Conventional Food, Says Study.” A statement was made by Dr. Smith­Spangler, “There are many reasons why consumers may choose to purchase organic food. We examined published literature to assess the evidence for significant differences in nutrition, food