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Assignment on Organisational Behavior
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Contents Introduction 2 Changes occurred in Sony 2 Structural Change 2 Product Change 2 Change in Branding 2 Technology 3 The External and Internal forces which causes changes 3 Internal 3 External changes 4 Changes theory managers could use 4 Create necessity 5 Forming Coalition 5 Create a Vision for Change 5 Remove Obstacles 6 Build the change and Stable 6 Source of Resistance and the Probable solution 6 References: 7

Sony is a World famous multinational Company. They manufacture audio, video, communication and information technology, household products and they brought radical change in the trend of these types of product users. The Sony Corporation formed in the starting of the Second World War in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in Tokyo the capital of Japan. Kazuo Hirai is the CEO and Ryoji Chubachi is the VC of Sony Corporation. Sony produce and manufacture all the main electronic products as like TV, Cameras, DVD recorder , Audio/ Video players and recorders, PCs and Other electronic products like households instruments , telecommunication products and so many. In the year 2011 their revenue was 6.4 million yen that means $53244.24.
Changes occurred in Sony
The world is continuously changing in every day and all types of activities also change with time, as a company there are lots of changes happen in Sony also. There are some radical or remarkable changes happen in Sony just like:
Structural Change
From this case we figured out that there are some remarkable structural changes happened in Sony during the flow of time period. Among them the decision making structure change is referable which was decentralized from the old structure. They are Human Resource, Finance, and Operation etc. For more effective operations along with a more market expansion the new company promote faster. To find out some new talent for the company developed some training company.
Product Change
The company Sony brought huge change in their product. As concerned about the people and nature they made lots of eco friendly products which will save the energy, as an example the business projector named VPL-EX175 is one of them which is low energy consumed and low cost product. Sony started their business 1946 with mechanical pencil after they started making radio, audio recorder / player, then the time changes technology changed CD player comes they also makes that , TV comes . Now the time is for PC, Mobile and they are making these types of product.
Change in Branding
The brand value is invisible value of the company which is a power what makes the people ready to pay after getting a goods or service. Actually the branding history of Sony is very old it was started long time age when in 1957 the Sony company introduced a radio which was world most smallest radio with built in speaker and that radio carried a name called Sony. Now the specialists believe that the Sony is top level brand in their field, people have huge faith on this brand, they are ready to pay for this brand.
With the time and technology the Sony also changed themselves, they go with the flow of time or we can say they bring the time with them. They always come with new technology product and invention like digital television, personal computers, laptops, mobile phone device, games product and so many other products. And they are combining all them together with networking which is an amazing technology.
The External and Internal forces which causes changes
For any types of changes in this world there are some reasons or factors which are responsible for those changes. For Sony also there are some forces cause’s changes on it. We can divide them in 2 sectors like external and internal. Let’s see how they work on Sony: