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Task Discuss and evaluate new techniques in advertising in recent years and the implications they may have on a company.illustrate your discussion with the case study.
Advertisment plays an important role in a business's success. It is a kind of a message which tries to sell a product and changes the ideas of people about the product. There are different types of advertising techniques such as Tv ads,Newspappers,Banners,Internet being used to promote the brands. Advertisment works to make people buy a product, It compares a product with another one of the same type and also points out why the product is better. When people see an advertisment more often they may be more likely to accept the message and get attracted to the product.
This discussion is based on the new techniques of advertising such as Sponsorship and Endorsement and the implication occur when these techniques are used and also the solution of the problems, Using the case study on Etihad Airways and how they have used these techniques for advertisment.
Sponsorship is one of the main advertising techniques used by the companies to let know the public about their service or product. It usually supports an event or activity like Concerts , Car racings. This technique is used by multinational companies because it involves a huge amount of money and is non-profitable.The main advantage of this advertising technique is, if any company sponsors an event like Car race there will be a massive crowd involved in it and it will result the brand awareness and develop the image of the brand(Cornwell, Roy, and Steinard 2001). Sponsorships usually end up spending a lot less money and if you're famous it will help you to get noticed more.
However, It has disadvantages like if the comapany sponsors a sports event(Football, Cricket)and If the sponsored individuals /Team looses or behaves badly it can hurt or cheapen the Brand Image. It will also effect the the product if a company sponsors an event and it did not went successfull so risk of loosing more money will increase because the success of the event is unpridectable and beyond the control of a sponsor and public will think that sponsor did not spend enough money or effort to make the event successfull. Usually sponsorship is for media coverage and if they did not get it then it is a waste of money and time. Sponsoring a local event that becomes newsworthy for all of the wrong reasons, such as fraud or violence will effect your product as well as a company image.(Denis, Johnny, Catherine wiseGEEK in 2003)
Endorsement is one of the most common and persuasive tecnique of advertising which interfers a supporting of a well known person or a celebrity assuring a satisfaction and the quality of a product or service provided by the company. It could also be used to make their company more respected or prove their legitimacy. When an audience sees a celebrity endorsing a product they begin to associate that celebrity with the product.
The celebrity Endorsement can be benificial because it changes the attitude of consumers toward the product, On the other hand, if the person their one of the public`s faviourite celebrity then they will get attracted to the product. Celebrity endorsement can build up the creditability of a brand in short period of time(Abbot et al., 2001) and it build the individual creditabilty to the advertisment aswell (Mullikin and Petty (2006). Celebrity Endosrement makes the business populer in much short period of time and helps in brand recognition aswell.
Whereas, Its disadvantages are if one celebrity endorses many products this will change the image of the brand and belief about the product. On the other hand, it will also effect the brand image if the public does not like the celebrity or if the celebrity choosen for the endorsement has a bad reputation. It will effect the the product promotion if the celebrity and the product does not fit