Organization and Effective Learning Organization Essay

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Philosophy Paper
My philosophy of an effective learning organization is that it must allow employees to express their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and encourage training opportunities within the company. This type of environment would allow positive organizational behavior to develop amongst employees. As Luthans (2012) stated, “Positive organizational behavior is the study and application of positively oriented human resource strengths and psychological capacities that can be measured, developed, and effectively managed for performance improvement in today’s workplace” (p. 13).
The Systems theory is one approach to Organizational theory that I believe demonstrates my philosophy that employees with a sense of value in the workplace benefit an effective learning organization. According to Ingram (2015), “As arguably the most valuable component of a company, employees make up various vital subsystems within an organization. Departments, work groups, business units, facilities, and individual employees can all be considered component systems of the organizations.” This theory supports the idea that all components within an organization are interrelated and that changing one variable of the company may impact many others. For example, I believe all employees should receive adequate training to understand company values and to know what is expected of them in the workplace. The negative outcomes of employees unaware of this value may lead to employees unsure of their responsibilities, or a possible sense of being undervalued and unappreciated in the company.
However, a potential limitation of the Systems theory in relation to a diverse organization is that the decision making process may suffer. Since the Systems theory values the input of each component within the company, the organization may spend long periods of time trying to gain employees’ approval on each decision. As Ciaron (2014) states, “If you address all of your issues with systems thinking, you have to set aside enough time to complete a thorough review of your entire business and company’s interaction with business partners. It takes longer to resolve issues with systems thinking" (para.…