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LaQuane Richards
MT302 Organizational Behavior
Unit Ten: Mentoring

Obtaining knowledge from a mentor can advance me to the next level; in the areas where I lack knowledge, opportunities, capability and the knowhow. The attributes I would like to acquire from my mentor is greater business knowledge, experiences, (values), (diversity), (work groups) consistency and focus. Expanding my knowledge will take me to the next level. I have great vision, goals and aspirations, but not being efficient is certain areas; I will not succeed. (People perish due to the lack of knowledge), but having a great mentor to shadow, will be very much beneficial. (Communication) is another area that will advance my progress business. What I don’t know, can hurt me. I will continuously be around people with homeless shelter or group home; being around people will be inevitable for me. A mentor and mentee (Relationships develop when the mentor identifies the less experienced area, while seeing mentee potential for future development.) Learning balance is thing for me as well; that I will have to expand. I tend to have tunnel vision and become very much (task-orientated). Establishing my own business is a task, but I don’t want to burn myself out. These are a few areas I’m going to advance my knowledge to be strong in my business. Searching for a great mentor can be complicated, but not impossible. First thing I would look for is character and (integrity.) You can have someone with knowledge, power, fame, fortune all the above, but no character morals nor values. Recommendation would be good; starting with family and friends. They may have a mentor that will meet my needs. Here are a few steps, I would take:

Search for a business owner of a group home or shelter
Evaluating their accomplishment, experiences, expertise and credentials
Make sure a mentor will challenge me in the areas that’s needed.
Looking for the right qualities personal and professional goals.
Meeting up with them (taking notes) make sure they are a perfect match.
Stay open where I might find a mentor through (networking)
Checking my current job for a mentorship program
Find a mentor program online
These are a few things that will help me find a mentor. A few companies I would like to acquire a career are (The Salvation Army) (FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency and (IHP) which is a housing assistance program connected with (FEMA). Theses world-wide agency can be found in any state. The Salvation Army can keep me connected worldwide and they have endless networking. I will have the ability to travel around the world helping other, while obtaining knowledge for my own business. These two organizations are about people and purpose. (FEMA) deals with national disaster area. This government agency has profound efficiency in the aid of reaching people; with the use of advance technology, military and people that have the credentials and experience. To be a part of an organization like this is an honor. These two organizations will be an awesome starting points for me. I wouldn’t mind being a part of either one, but if I had an option (FEMA) would outweigh the (Salvation Army). The skills I would like to obtain are business aspect, networking, hands on experience, how to dealing with all type of (diversity) (ethnic backgrounds) and (empathy). Starting a business,