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Hatchett Family Center
Jessica L. Ancho
July 30, 2012
Michael S. Curtis

The Hatchett Family Center is a small family-owned company that spends all its time and energy into its patients. The founders hope to teach the staff how to run and manage the company so that it can remain in the family business. The size, structure, process, and procedures is elaborated in the text to show how the facility works dealing with internal and external factors. The explanation goes into detail on the decision-making processes and communication between the staff and work ethic as well.

Organizational Design Paper Hatchett’s Family Center is a 20-year-old growing practice. The practice is a small family-owned organization that lives for its patients. Providing sufficient and exceptional level of care to patients as professionally and knowledgeable as possible. Educating patients on how to stay healthy is a high priority and will uphold and honor. Our goals are to make each visit life enhancing and to feel better after the end of the visit. Mission, vision, and values of the patients are what we strive for. Location is a great quality that helps our company as well as our family. The staff are family members and help with decision making process. The facility has many inside and outside influences that affect the organization.
Internal and External Factors
Even though our practice is small in size it has grown and still follows basic structures and processes. A decentralized unit helps avoid conflicts and following all health codes and conducts is practiced.
Internal and External Size Our practiced is in a rural area, but 20 miles from Danver city. The disadvantage is being 30 miles from the hospital, which offers more specialty areas. The advantage of location is the rural area is very old and family oriented; most families have been there because of their great grandparents. A community as a whole is important to the town. Being a small family-owned facility gives our patients since of home, and one-on-one experience. Valuing our patient’s views and cultures are appreciated. The Hatchett Family Center is consists of the founders Dr Eric and Jessica Hatchett, the founders. About five years ago the practice gained another doctor, the founder’s son. There are two RN nurses they help assist the doctors and are the daughter and daughter-in-law of the founders. Passing the family practice down is what the long-term goal of the founders. If other family member’s career leads him or her to the practice expansions and adding to the facility will be a great honor. Another external factor that would lead to the expansion of the company is the rural area population and patient’s numbers increase. Time with the patients allows the practice to serve its mission statement so adding more patients will take away from this goal that is why there is a limit in number of patients. The practice has 400 patients and only gains other patients for certain reasons, such as a newborn and the families already being patients. Are valuable patients consists of newborns and up. Children come for multiple reasons, such as checkups, immunizations, nutritional counseling, sport physicals, guidance, and sick visits. Our adult health for all women and men consist of examinations, diet, screening, acute illness, diagnostic or treatment of physical, and mental conditions. Biopsies, stitches, EKGs, lab work, some x-rays, and other tests are also practiced in the office. When things are outside the scope of practice sending patients to specialists is more appropriate. Without consult from a doctor to a specialist insurance will not pay for visits so to help patients out in any way our practice is about. Each doctor sees on an average of 30 patients a day; this depends on internal and external factors. Internal factors with be if a doctors is on vacation or hours change because of training or getting further