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Organizational Behavior
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Table of Contents
(1.0) Introduction 3
(1.1) Organizational structures and culture 4
1.2 Relationship between organization structure and culture 6
(1.3) Factors which influence individual behavior at work 7
(2.1) Different Leadership styles of Siemens and Blackberry 8
(2.2) How organizational theory underpins the practice of management 9
(2.3) Different approaches to management 10
(3.1) The impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organizations in periods of change 11
(3.2) Different motivational theories with in workforce and Managers 12
(3.3) Usefulness of motivational theories: 14
(4.1) Nature of group and group behavior 15
(4.2) Discuss factor that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork within Siemens 18
(4.3) Impact of technology on team working 20
(4.4) Referencing 20

(1.0) Introduction

Organizational behavior is the study of the way people interact within groups. This study is normally applied in an organization to create more efficient business organizations. The basic idea of organizational behavior is that of a scientific approach can be applied to management of workers. Its theories are used in order to maximize output from individual group of workers (Organizational behavior n.d). To explain organizational behavior in a more detailed manner, two companies are chosen- Siemens and Blackberry.

This assignment will discuss different aspects of organizational behavior, which is going to include: organizational structure, culture, and individual behavior at work, leadership styles, management, motivational theories, teamwork and virtual teams. All of these aspects will be discussed in detail with proper references. All these areas will be discussed in depth according to Siemens and Blackberry perspective.

Two brothers of the Siemens family started Siemens in the mid 19th century and two factories were set at first in Berlin (Germany) and Woolwich (Britain) (Siemens 2001). Siemens is an electrical company, which operates under a very high standard culture. Siemens is one of the leading electrical companies in today’s world and employees just under half a million workers with a turnover of 60bn.

Blackberry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited was founded on March 7, 1984, and it was a designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market (Blackberry Ltd n.d). The first Blackberry device was introduced in 1999 known as a email pager and after that Blackberry devices started to flourish but recently there was a decline in the Blackberry market as people started to move away from blackberry devices and towards other devices (Blackberry 2013).
(1.1) Organizational structures and culture

Organizations structures can take many forms as they are influenced by different factors such as its purpose, size, the external environment, the complexity of tasks it performs and its culture. There are three major kinds of organizational structures normally followed- tall structure, flat structure and matrix structure (Organisational structure n.d). A tall structure exists when there is a greater distance between the higher and lower level with in the hierarchy. This involves longer chains of command and low decision-making power (Tall organizational structure 2012). Flat organizational structure when there is lesser distance between the higher and lower level of hierarchy. This gives high decision-making power and decisions can be made quicker (Flat structure n.d). A matrix organizational structure is usually defined as when there are multiple reporting line or more than one boss to report to (Matrix structure 2014). The