Essay about Organizational Analysis

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CVS Caremark Organizational Analysis

James P Miller

Strayer University

BUS 310

Professor Frevert


CVS Caremark established 1963, has been expanding every year since their inception. With over 7,000 retail locations they face many human resources challenges. It essential for CVS to understand what HR challenges they face to make informed decisions; beneficial to the company stakeholders and employees. Hr decisions affect not only the employee’s but the company’s social opt squat. These resolutions include recruitment of highly skilled workers, company policies, labor relations, training and diversity, management of multiple locations, global business environments, employee compensation and benefits,
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CVS is also committed to being responsive, accountable and transparent to stakeholders and to operating in compliance with the laws and regulations governing their business.

Productivity and quality go hand in hand, and to have improved quality you almost always have improved productivity. It is also essential for a business to survive. Congruent with productivity and quality they have to invest in training and development and reward employees for increased productivity.

To make informed HR decisions at CVS, the company would have to have information concerning their labor force. Labor force is the most important factor for any business. Without properly trained and qualified applications any business can potentially face financial ruin. CVS has to forecast the supply of human resources available and this is important being they hire such a diverse range of professionals. They can look internally or externally for potential employees.

The next step for CVS would be to forecast their future needs and plan accordingly. This can be achieved by ascertaining what type of people are needed; essentially paralleling their labor needs with anticipated growth; stability or decline expected in the company. Additionally, the comparison of labor supply and demand would be needed, to ensure that when a strategy is implemented they are taking appropriate action. An example of how CVS rewards its