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McDonald’s Corporation Organizational Assessment
Operations Management


McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest fast food chain that sells drinks, fries, burgers, desserts and local cultural foods depending on the demographics. The increase in health consciousness drove this corporation to make drastic adaptations to maintain its lead and competitiveness within the industry.
Some of the consequences that McDonald faces can be seen in medias and movies that depict the reputation that the fast food chain once held of being accused of the world wide obesity spread in which resulted the corporation to make a change and become more involved in the world wide battle of obesity.
In order to assure that McDonald’s food is high quality and meets standards, they have launched the Mom’s Quality Correspondents. It is a project where McDonald’s gathers its toughest critics in addressing the question about what their kids are eat, because parents are interested in giving their kids healthy meals.
External Environment
Some of the strongest supporters of the chain are the suppliers. This has to do with the size of the company and the matter that they are one of the leading purchasers of beef. The common and public supporters are the general public. You can find many restaurants within businesses such as Walmart.
In the consumer area it is apparent that there are a large number of people that support the fast food chain and this is visible in social media. Fans of the chain display a sense of loyalty towards the brand and even provide testaments as to why it is the best. They also support the introduction of new products which increase periodic sales whenever the season for certain featured products are on seasonal sales.
McDonald’s most known competitor is Burger King and in the present age other burger fast food chains such as Five Guys and Checkers. Although to maintain their competency they differ their products by making a unique recipe and exclusive to them. But also, McDonald’s likes to challenge other chains as Well. One of these examples shows in their café menu. The offer high quality coffee products at a more affordable cost than those found in Starbucks and other fancy coffee chains.
In overall the largest opponents are mostly the health organizations that assert that McDonald’s signifies a solemn risk towards world health.…