Guidelines For The Leadership Development Assessment Course

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| Copy ___ of ___ Copies |
|13 0600 FEB 13 |
|Subjects: (Ruck March IV) |
|Environment. |
|Terrain. Terrain is composed of dirt trails, paved roads through both sparsely vegetated and urban terrain. |
|Weather. Temperature low of 31 degrees and a high of 40 degrees. Chance of precipitation is 20% but will have little to no effect on training. Sunrise: 0716. |
|Civil Considerations. Civilians will be on trails and on roads. Contact with vehicles driven by civilians is also likely. |
|Enemy Forces. None. |
|Friendly Forces. Alpha, Bravo Companies |
|Attachments and Detachments. None. |
|2. MISSION: The Three Rivers Battalion A/B/D Co will conduct a Tactical Ruck March NLT 13 FEB 2013 along the Panther Hollow route IOT prepare and introduce cadets to|
|physical demands of carrying equipment and to prepare them for the Leadership Development Assessment Course. |
|Commander’s Intent: To prepare cadets with the physical confidence to ruck march with their equipment for a longer distance. |
| |
|Purpose: MSI, MSII, and MSIII level cadets are to gain familiarity with the physical demands of rucking with their equipment and motivation needed to maintain unit |
|pace. |
|Key Tasks: 1. Complete attendance and accountability of all unexcused cadets attending training |
|2. Ensure each cadet is prepared with proper uniform and equipment |
|3. Complete road march along specified route maintaining specific pace and minimizing