Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational change begins at organizational development. Organizational development is a planned process of change to improve the effectiveness of the organization (Borkowski, 2009). In order to understand the way change is developed one must understand the way change is developed. Change is for everybody, organization or division. Many people will be changed by helping leaders understand the psychology of change, helping key phases in a successful change, the importance of critical mass/ barriers to be prepared to overcome anything in any time frame, planned change is based on diagnosis , interaction and redirecting if the changes plan is not working (Borkowski, 2009). There are several ways that can be assessed for organizational change some of them are views organizations as open systems, recognize if one part of the organization is impacted by change and something will be felt by the change, and it is based on action/ research with a continuous exam of the program/ intervention and it is all based on data (Borkowski, 2009).
According to Lewins change model change can be sought out by increasing the force of change or reducing the strength of any opposing forces (Borkowiski, 2009). According to Roethlisberger X model everything points to your attitude. Things like personal history, social situations at work, responses and the actual change is based on a person’s attitude (Borkowiski, 2009).
I would agree with Kotter building on the Lewin change model by establishing a sense of urgency creating powerful guidelines…

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