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Internet Postings about Whole Foods and Wild Oats

1. The Effect of Mackey’s attitude can be seen in his statement to Perry Odak, the owner of Wild Oats, stating that “I’m going to destroy you”. The Affects can also be seen in Rahodeb’s online posted when he stated “[Wild Oats management] clearly doesn’t know what it is doing. It has to future and no value. The verbal statement about Mackey’s feelings can also be a physiological indicator because his blood pressure and heart rate would have risen during the argument. Mackey’s online post clearly expressed his hatred of Perry Odak and Wild Oaks.
The Behavioral Intentions of Mackey’s attitude can be seen by his online posts when he wrote that “No company would want to buy Wild Oats Market Inc. OATS locations are too small. [Wild Oats management] clearly doesn’t know what it is doing”. These statements were made with the intention of damaging the business and reputation of Wild Oats, his rival company. The Cognition of Mackey’s attitude can be seen by his beliefs that his company, Whole Foods, is superior to Wild Oats when he posted that “Would Whole Foods buy OATS? What would they gain? I love the company and I’m in it for the long haul”. Mackey tried to justify his action when he posted “I’m aligned with the mission and the values of the company are there something wrong with this”? Mackey believed that the survival of Whole Foods was all the justification he needed in trying to destroy Wild Oats. 2. Mackay did not act in ethical manner. This is because, he went around posting web blogs that showed a bad picture of its competitor. It is least expected that, when one is interested in something, they behave and act in an ethical manner. In this case, it would have been better to ask for appointments with Wild Oats' management and try talk his way out instead of printing an all bad picture about his competitor without a reason for it. John Mackey's act of blogging about Wild Oats was altogether unethical which I didn't find the reason why he had to do that. It is always good to behave ethically in business but for Mackay, despite being disguised behaved in unethical manner. 3. The level of cognitive moral development that John Mackey is operating on should be the sixth stage or level.